A Stories in Concert Music Performance

The Diaphanous Dragon

Written and performed by: Rollin Wilber Concert Pianist

A small boy named Nick encounters a humorous, see-through dragon names Wisp, but doesn’t not want to believe in it.

The boy, indifferent and bored, is shown a fantasy world from the dragon’s point of view disrupting normal reality. Wisp, who shimmers and appears solid when Nick begins to believe what he sees, takes ordinary things and experiences and makes them alive in a new way to the boy. An oriental rug, a snowstorm, fish, the ocean, as well as kindness, friendship and death are explored in mind and sound. Finally the child must choose for himself and face his own imagination.

Musical motifs and selections are intertwined with story-line and character to help make classical music recognizable.

Part One

“Golliwog’s Cakewalk”
[Nick’s theme]
C. Debussy
“Golliwog’s Cakewalk”
[Nick’s theme]
C. Debussy
“Golliwog’s Cakewalk”
[Nick’s theme]
C. Debussy
Sonatina #1, I-mvt.
[Wisp’s Theme]
D. Kabalevsky
Chinese Bagatelles #3, 6, 7, op.51 A. Tcherepnin
Sonatine, II-mvt.
[Nina’s theme]
M. Ravel
Bagatelle #10, op.5 A. Tcherepnin
“The Butterfly” E. Grieg
“The Snow is Dancing” C. Debussy
“Ocean” Etude op.25 #12 F. Chopin
Polonaise in A flat (“Heroic”) F. Chopin
“Goldfish” C. Debussy
“Funeral March” (from Sonata #2) F. Chopin
Sonatine, III-mvt. M. Ravel


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