A Stories in Concert Music Performance

Musical Secrets

Written and performed by: Rollin Wilber Concert Pianist

The story of MUSICAL SECRETS takes the form of a series of vignettes from a life.

Plot is replaced instead with a processino of realizations, resulting in changes of heart and spirit, more than of the body. It is personal reflection and above all, inspired by the music itself.

To me, music is no more abstract than the “hidden” self of any person. What is “secreted” in one’s heart is equally “secreted” in music. passion, emotion and mystery in a great piano piece, large and small, is found in the character of an individual as well. In both, the varieties are endless, and the quality of mystery, tantalizing. Claude Debussy once said, in effect: “Music begins where words leave off.” I couldn’t agree more.

Part One


“Italian” Conerto — I. Allegro
Johann Sebastian Bach



Sonata #3 in A minor, op.28
(in one movement: Allegro tempestoso)
Sergei Prokofieff


“Waiting and Watching”

Variations in F minor
Franz Joseph Haydn



Rhapsody in B minor, op. 79 #1
Johannes Brahams


“Inner Beauty”

Issac Albeniz



Waltz in A flat, op. 42
Frederic Chopin

Part Two


“Italian” Concerto — II. Andante
Johann Sebastian Bach


“Ringing Magic”

“Reflections in the Water”
Claude Debussy


“Winter Winds”

Etudein A minoir, op.25 #11
Frederic Chopin


“Waking Dreams”

Prelude in G# minor, op.32 #12
Sergei Rachmaninoff


“What Do You Think?”

Nocturne in F# major op.15 #12
Frederic Chopin


“Italian” Concerto –III. Presto
Johann Sebastian Bach


“The Secret”

Ballade #2 in F major, op.38
Frederic Chopin


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