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"Music fills me with extraordinary feelings of passion and excitement. The pure joy of allowing music to speak its story, measure by measure and page after page, can be such a moving experience. In the privacy of practicing, the beauty of music can become so overwhelming that I am moved to tears andmust get up from the piano and pace the room!It is of primary importance for me to share my joy of performing and allow the audience to experience music as completely as possible. There can be nothing more thrilling or exhilarating for me!To that end, I have created a performance venue called Stories in Concert.Good mood and ambience in a restaurant makes for a more enjoyable meal. I believe the same is true at a concert, because a proper setting for music can enhance oneís experience in listening. My goal is to create that setting. I try to accomplish this through a kind of story-telling, born from feelings Iíve experienced in so many private moments while playing these musical works." -Rollin Wilber

Rollin Wilber's performances include a variety of material ranging from recitals, orchestra solos, workshops, and his own arrangement of music and story telling.

1. STORIES IN CONCERT MUSIC PERFORMANCES - Atmospheric renderings of personal, evocative music, linked with original stories of mystery, fantasy, romance and magic. For adults and children."The music is more exhilarating when presented in a theatrical context. Wilber has tremendous potential as an artist; his interpretations are deeply moving, and his allegiance to the intricacy of each piece is astounding."("The Sun", Ocean City, N.J.)

2. RECITALS - "BRILLIANT ARTIST" (Headline) "Wilber played with technique to burn in a very challenging all-Chopin program... a brilliant recital. The Polonaise in A flat ended with the first standing ovation of the evening. After four lilting Mazurkas came the culminating B minor Sonata in a masterful performance, another standing ovation, and three encores..." (David Kozinski, "Eveing Journal", Wilmington, Del.)

3. ORCHESTRAL SOLO - "The superb playing of the Chopin Concerto in E minor by Rollin Wilber was a breath of fresh air. His precise technique was impeccable, the understanding and style presentation dramatic, and the playing had great variety, sensitivity and emotion ... received long, loud, and well-deserved cries of 'Bravo!' for an outstanding interpretation of Chopin."("Stage Review", Kennet Square, PA.)

4. MASTER-CLASSES - Original and interesting subjects combined with knowledge, teaching, and in-depth focus on the personal side of music and playing. "Deeply satisfying; professional demeanor. Established rapport with students... an excellent example of 'just how it is done'."(Seminole College, Sanford, FL)

ROLLIN WILBER, Pianist * 4400 Dexter St. * Philadelphia, PA 19128 * (215)-803-9725